Monthly Archives: October 2020

Moose Mission Impossible Continues

Moose hunt permit holders Brent Elwell and Carl Dubois were up well before dawn on opening day of the 2020 moose hunt. Four of us were located at remote Priestly Camp on the St. John River in far northern Maine. Committed to hunting by canoe, they departed for Shields Branch and Big Black River, an […]

Moose Mission Impossible

When my friend Brent Elwell invited me to join his moose hunt, I immediately accepted. Only a small percentage of applicants win the moose hunt lottery each year. A lifelong Mainer, I’d never participated in a moose hunt and at my age it might be my last chance. Permit holder Brent had assembled a stellar […]

Return to Malaga

In the summer of 1912, the impoverished residents of Malaga Island were forcibly removed from their homes by the State of Maine. Lacking alternative living arrangements, their relocation was haphazard. Some found acceptable accommodations, others moved their tiny homes onto rafts, a few wandered, and a handful were deemed mentally unfit and placed in the […]